We are in the final stretch!

A consortium of Canadian companies, of which Ascent is a proud member, has made it to the final phase of the Department of National Defence competition Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) to build an efficient integrated energy-water-waste solution for the Canadian Armed Forces relocatable temporary camp. DND News Release.

Hurricane Ida

Preparing for Disasters

NASA reports: In 2021, Hurricane Ida left over 1 million people without power, tornadoes tore across the American Midwest, volcanoes forced people to evacuate their homes, wildfires covered the American West and unusual flooding wreaked havoc on Central Europe. Some characteristics of natural hazards, such as hurricanes, floods and wildfires, have been historically predictable and have[…]

A new way of clean energy delivery anywhere in the world

Ascent Mobile Energy System (AMES) is a concept developed by Ascent Systems Technologies as a new way of delivering clean energy to any location in the world. AMES is a self-contained module, combining advantages of the state-of-the-art solar technology, smart energy storage and energy booster. The system configuration is optimized using predictive algorithm. The brain[…]

AST obtains registration as Tax Credit Eligible Corporation

We are happy to announce that Ascent Systems Technologies has been registered as a British Columbia business eligible for tax credits for companies engaged substantially in the R&D activity. That means private investors – individual or corporate – who invest in Ascent, will be able to receive 30% refund on their investment.

Ascent and consortium advance through IDEaS Round 2

The consortium of Canadian companies, of which Ascent Systems Technologies is a part of, is chosen as one of the Round 2 winners of the Department of Defence IDEaS (Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security) Pop-Up City contest. The consortium is now advancing to the Round 3 of the contest to design and build an[…]

Ascent’s Alternative Energy Proposal for Mining moves to Phase 2

The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII), with support from their members and the Challenge Dialogue System Network, is putting forth the Alternative Energy Systems Challenge.  This Innovation Challenge is seeking solutions to be piloted at a mine site in Saskatchewan. Mining has large energy consumption requirements and is also under mandate to reduce its GHG[…]

AMES passes the 1st phase of the Breakthrough Energy

Autonomous Mobile Energy System and Control of Ascent Systems Technologies has successfully passed the first stage of the Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada (BESC) evaluation process. BESC is a partnership with Breakthrough Energy, aimed at accelerating the development of clean energy technologies with the potential for substantial pollution reductions globally.

Self-positioned Solar Frame Testing Underway

Ice storm in Quebec left 275,000 people without power and heating. Few weeks ago it was a cyclone Idai which was of course much more catastrophic disaster in Africa. Autonomous Mobile Energy Station (AMES) developed by Ascent Systems Technologies could prevent huge economic losses and even more importantly save many lives.¬†Multiple modules can be deployed[…]

Crowdfunding Campaign

Too many people in the world, including in rich countries, do not have access to reliable and affordable energy source. Every year natural disasters cause devastation to infrastructure, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without energy. Many die because of heat or because they don’t have access to water. Our planet is getting warmer, ocean[…]