Ascent Technology for the Arctic

Autonomous Environment Monitoring and Surveillance system (AEMS), developed by Ascent Systems Technologies to be used in the Arctic, has been qualified by the Innovative Solutions Canada to be tested by the government departments. The AEMS is a multi-purpose remote robot. As a self-contained module it can be delivered to any location. Once at the site[…]

Ascent is hiring!

Launch your career with Ascent! We are seeking talented, enthusiastic individuals interested in advanced technologies and their applications in various areas who love and are able to learn new things. If accepted, you will be a member of the integrated development team, however you should be able to work independently, including remotely, with little or[…]

Hurricane Ida

Preparing for Disasters

NASA reports: In 2021, Hurricane Ida left over 1 million people without power, tornadoes tore across the American Midwest, volcanoes forced people to evacuate their homes, wildfires covered the American West and unusual flooding wreaked havoc on Central Europe. Some characteristics of natural hazards, such as hurricanes, floods and wildfires, have been historically predictable and have[…]