AMES passes the 1st phase of the Breakthrough Energy

Autonomous Mobile Energy System and Control of Ascent Systems Technologies has successfully passed the first stage of the Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada (BESC) evaluation process. BESC is a partnership with Breakthrough Energy, aimed at accelerating the development of clean energy technologies with the potential for substantial pollution reductions globally.

Self-positioned Solar Frame Testing Underway

Ice storm in Quebec left 275,000 people without power and heating. Few weeks ago it was a cyclone Idai which was of course much more catastrophic disaster in Africa. Autonomous Mobile Energy Station (AMES) developed by Ascent Systems Technologies could prevent huge economic losses and even more importantly save many lives.¬†Multiple modules can be deployed[…]

Clean Energy Solution for Remote Communities

Dear Friends, The latest Canada’s federal government program, Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative, is aimed at displacing diesel and other fossil fuels as a source of energy for remote Indigenous communities and replacing them with clean energy. At Ascent Systems Technologies we have developed the solution which does exactly that! Autonomous Mobile Energy Station (AMES) is a[…]

Crowdfunding Campaign

Too many people in the world, including in rich countries, do not have access to reliable and affordable energy source. Every year natural disasters cause devastation to infrastructure, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without energy. Many die because of heat or because they don’t have access to water. Our planet is getting warmer, ocean[…]

Ascent achieves an important milestone

Ascent Systems Technologies achieved a significant milestone and made an important step toward its goal of creating uninterrupted source of clean energy. On May 16, 2017 it began installation of the Integrated Thermal Hydronic System (ITHS) at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) at UBC in Vancouver. The system consists of a solar[…]

AST joins Council for International Cooperation

Ascent Systems Technologies became an affiliate member of the BC chapter of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC). BCCIC mission is to engage its members and others to share knowledge, build relationships, and develop their capacity towards achieving sustainable global development. One of the important goals of the BCCIC is to increase public awareness[…]

Ascent Systems is open for new partnerships

Ascent Systems Technologies (AST) collaborates with a number of strategic partners: National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) University of British Columbia (UBC) Canadian Solar Technologies (CSTI) Project Green Architecture (Projectgreen) We are always looking for and open to new partnerships.

AST and UBC enter into a Collaborative Research Agreement

Ascent Systems Technologies (AST) and University of British Columbia (UBC) entered into a 4-year Collaborative Research & Development (CRD) Agreement to develop Integrated Thermal Hydronic System (ITHS) with Adaptive Control. The project is funded in part by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada. Despite significant advances in efficiency of solar technologies[…]