A new way of clean energy delivery anywhere in the world

Ascent Mobile Energy System (AMES) is a concept developed by Ascent Systems Technologies as a new way of delivering clean energy to any location in the world. AMES is a self-contained module, combining advantages of the state-of-the-art solar technology, smart energy storage and energy booster. The system configuration is optimized using predictive algorithm. The brain of the system is adaptive control utilizing machine learning algorithms with real-time feedback . The module fits into a small shipping container, can be delivered to any geographical location in the world, deploy and position itself automatically at the optimal orientation. It will operate in a totally autonomous mode providing an uninterrupted source of clean energy without requiring any fuel supply or connection to the power grid. In the case of dangerous situation, such as severe storm or solar flare, the module can automatically retract in a “turtle” mode and then deploy again when it is safe to operate. In the meantime, the module can continue providing energy for up to 72 hours.