Self-positioned Solar Frame Testing Underway

Ice storm in Quebec left 275,000 people without power and heating. Few weeks ago it was a cyclone Idai which was of course much more catastrophic disaster in Africa.

Autonomous Mobile Energy Station (AMES) developed by Ascent Systems Technologies could prevent huge economic losses and even more importantly save many lives.¬†Multiple modules can be deployed throughout the areas affected by the disaster. In the case of one or even several modules going out of service, it will not affect other modules, so the impact will be minimized and localized. Individual modules can be quickly brought back to service without disrupting large areas. Moreover, the modules can be deployed in the “at risk” areas in advance. They would “hibernate” in the transport configuration and can be automatically and remotely activated when needed.

In our facility at the UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) we are testing deployable and self-positioning solar collector which will be used in the module.