AST and ALIB to cooperate on the Micro-Hydro project

Ascent Systems Technologies (AST) is retained by the Adams Lake Indian Band (ALIB) to perform a feasibility study and preliminary design for the micro-hydro power project utilizing the flows of the irrigation line.

For a number of years ALIB has been taking steps to conserve energy used by the community, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and generate economic prosperity and well-being of the community while preserving nature. This falls in line with the strong environmental and cultural values held by Secwepemc People of which Adams Lake Indian Band is a part.

AST will act as a Project Manager and contribute its significant expertise in System Architecture to the project. ALIB and AST have established very good and mutually beneficial relationships. The ALIB Community Energy Plan (CEP) was developed by AST.

This project is within the framework of the ALIB Community Energy Plan. The significant component of the Plan is energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. There are two separate synergetic streams of activities relating to community energy and GHG  emissions control. Internal stream includes among other things energy generated by the community for internal consumption. External stream includes commercial projects generating energy to be sold to a power utility (BC Hydro).

The proposed hydro-power plant is to have the projected capacity of 150-180 kW and may contribute to either or both Internal and External streams.

The funding for the project is provided in part by the BC Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative (BC ICEI) administered by the New Relations Trust in cooperation with Western Economic Development Canada.